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PANORAMA EYECARE (Continuing Education Event)

We cordially invite you to an all-day event from 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM, October 22nd, 2022

Presented by Panorama Eyecare and Partner Clinics


Technician Schedule

"Pitfalls and Pearls: Patient Experience PreOp to PostOp"

Cataract Panel & Refractive Panel

"Modern Corneal Transplantation:

Better Vision Through Tailored Treatment"

presented by Jason Mayer, MD

"PrOp Diagnostics for Cataract Surgery"

presented by Christopher Kirkpatrick, MD

"Retina Master Course for Technicians 2022:

Must-know Retina"

presented by Arthur Korotkin, MD

See the Full Schedule at

Location: Denver Zoo - 2300 Steele Street Denver, CO 80205

RSVP for more information and to register:

All Day 7 Credits: $120 | AM 4 Credits: $70 | PM 3 Credits: $50

Please contact Jackie Bayne with any questions

The full day's presentation will be worth a total of 7 ICAHPO

approved continuing education hours

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